Assessment Criteria:

  • Rating of the hotel in the system – 50%
  • Telephone conversation rating - 20%
  • Evaluation by the jury of the Award - 30%

Terms of participation

The participation of hotels in the Award does not involve financial contributions.

The winning hotel cannot apply for the nomination if it won it in the previous project cycle of the Russian Hospitality Awards.

When deriving the overall rating, the rating in the system is taken into account .

An application for participation in the Award can be submitted by a hotel of the Russian Federation operating for more than 30 days. The number of Award nominees is unlimited.

To participate in the Award, the Hotel must fill out an appropriate application on the Award website.

Submitting an application for participation in the Award implies:

the hotel's agreement with the rules of the Award;
permission to use the text and graphic information provided by the hotel within the framework of the organization and holding of the Award.

Applications for participation are accepted in the period from 01.08.2024 to 14.08.2024. After submitting the application, the hotel will be provided with a login and password to access the personal account.

The presentation and additional materials must be provided to the Organizer in the personal account of the hotel in the period from 14.10.2024 to 05.11.2024.

The hotel can be nominated in one or two nominations at the same time, the hostel – only in one nomination "The best hostel of the year".

The hotel can be nominated in one or two nominations at the same time, the hostel – only in one nomination "The best hostel of the year".

Information for the jury's evaluation is provided in the form of an online presentation in Russian in the personal account, with the provision of a password and login to each participant separately.

The name of the nominee's presentation is executed in Latin and is formed according to the following principle: Nazvanie otelya_Gorod.

The nominee's presentation contains structural blocks: "General information", "Infrastructure", "Compliance with the nomination", "Corporate social Responsibility", "Additional argumentation".

The presentation in the nomination "Best GM/Manager of the Year" contains structural blocks: "Candidate profile", "Cases", "Hotel performance indicators", "Additional argumentation".

The presentation in the nomination "The best restaurant in the hotel" contains structural blocks: "Restaurant characteristics", "Chef profile", "Restaurant Menu", "Restaurant Interior".

The presentation in the nomination "The best breakfast at the hotel" contains the following structural blocks: "Characteristics of the breakfast place", "Criteria for 5* hotels", "Criteria for 4* hotels", "Criteria for 3* hotels", "Additional argumentation".

The presentation in the nomination "Best PR campaign" contains structural blocks: "General information", "PR campaign 2022", "Additional argumentation".

The presentation in the nomination "The best program for corporate and social responsibility" contains structural blocks: "Hotel equipment", "Internal corporate social responsibility", "Internal corporate social responsibility", "Additional argumentation".

A list of all this year's nominations can be found here.


01.08.2024 – 14.08.2024: acceptance of applications for participation. A "Participate” button will appear on the Russian Hospitality Awards website, clicking on which the hotel will need to fill out an application (contact details, name of the facility and logo).

15.08.2024 – 21.08.2024: preparation and transfer of the list of nominees to 

22.08.2024 - 30.08.2024: getting a rating

02.09.2024 - 12.09.2024: the first stage of the audit of the TrustYou rating by the DRT company. A shortlist of participants who qualify for the second stage of the competition will be compiled.

13.09.2024: the result of the first stage

17.09.2024 - 05.10.2024: call of the nominees by the jury members

07.10.2024 - 11.10.2024: counting of 30% of participants who go to the third stage by the organizing committee of the Award

14.10.2024 - the result of the second stage

14.10.2024 – 05.11.2024: preparation and uploading of presentations by hotels and provision of a video clip taken for participation in the personal account. Presentations are filled in ONLY by those participants who have passed the third stage. Participants who have not sent presentations before the deadline are eliminated from the competition.

06.11.2024 – 22.11.2024: review of presentations by the Organizing Committee of the Award

25.10.2024 - 20.11.2024: inspections of nominees by secret guests, collection of materials on inspections for jury members by the organizing committee of the Award

02.12.2024 - 10.01.2025: evaluation of presentations by the Organizing committee of the Award

13.01.2025 - 17.01.2025: calculation of results, determination of finalists and winners of the Award

17.01.2025 – 28.01.2025: audit of the Award by the company DRT

31.01.2025: announcement of the finalists live on the Telegram channel Russian Hospitality News.

Spring 2025: announcement of the winners at the Russian Hospitality Awards 2024 ceremony.

Responsibility of the nominees

For submitting deliberately false information about the hotel and unreliable information in the application for participation, as well as in the presentation of the hotel, for non-compliance with the conditions, rules and deadlines, the Organizer has the right to deprive the hotel of the status of the Award nominee. Notification of withdrawal of the right to participate is sent by e-mail.

Since 2021, visiting hotels by a secret guest has been introduced. This innovation applies to the participants of the following nominations: "The best restaurant in the hotel", "The best breakfast in the hotel", "The best chef in the restaurant at the hotel" and "The Best SPA hotel".

Organizer's Contacts

The organizer of the Award is LLC "Hospitality Awards"